1. Place your order

I bake twice a week, on Tuesday mornings and on Friday mornings. To get my products you need to order them first on this website.

Orders can be placed:
— Until Sundays 9 pm (for Tuesday’s bake)
— Until Wednesdays 9 pm (for Friday’s bake)

2. Pay online

For everyone’s ease, I’ve opted for online payment. — You spend no extra time when collecting your order — I don’t need to handle cash (for change) — It helps reducing waste as I only produce what has been sold (as in ordered & paid) You do not need to create an account! The process is as quick & easy as can be.

3. Collect your bread

You can pick up your order on baking days in one of my pick-up location:


Kiekebich’s workshop

23 Quai Fernand Demetskaai
1070 Brussels (Anderlecht)

📅  Tuesdays & Fridays
⏱️ Between 12pm & 3pm

Kip’ Eat Naturel

45/47 Place Bizet
1070 Brussels (Anderlecht)

📅  Tuesdays & Fridays
⏱️ Between 12pm & 6pm


Rocket’s Café

3-9 Av. de la deuxième armée britannique
1190 Brussels (Forest)

📅  Tuesdays & Fridays
⏱️ Between 12pm & 8pm

Royal Baudouin THC

Kalenbergstraat 85
1700 Dilbeek

📅 Tuesdays & Fridays
⏱️ Between 5pm & 10pm

Made in Anderlecht

135 rue Wayez
1070 Brussels (Anderlecht)

📅 Fridays only!
⏱️ Between 11am & 7pm

Steinerschool Anderlecht

14 Av. des Millepertuis
1070 Brussels (Anderlecht)

📅 Tuesdays only!
⏱️ Between 3:15pm & 6pm

Café Le Refuge

Le Refuge

668 Chaussée de Saint-Job
1180 Brussels (Uccle)

📅 Tuesdays only!
⏱️ Between 12:30pm & 10pm