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We only offer Bancontact for now. We think it’s the most used card format for our local customers.

We only take advance & electronic payments to be able to only produce what will be distributed, and to minimize currency exchanges issues when picking-up or delivering your breads.

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We only offer a delivery option for orders above 100 €. Currently, we work exclusively with pickup locations, where you can come at a predefined schedule and retrieve your order. 

Our workshop will always be the default location for pick-up.

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If you encounter any issue with your order, the simplest solution is always to contact by mail us at “store [at] kiekebich dot be”. Let us know what happened, in which circumstances and we’ll examine your issue as if we had a full staff dedicated to the online store. Mainly it will be me, but I’ll do my best, so please be kind 😉

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Kiekebich is owned and operated by Tom De Vuyst.

It is registered at AFSCA/FAVV under the following reference: 2.301.694.786

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