Greek bread

This week’s Sweety is “Pain à la Grecque”/”Brood van de Gracht”, a typically Brussels’ traditional pastry. It is a milk bread with cinnamon, sugar and butter turned into caramel during the baking process. It was distributed by the Augustin fathers of the city center to the poor in the 16th Century. The name in French is actually a misunderstanding, a wrong translation of the flemish word “gracht” (it originated around the rue Fossé aux Loups/Wolvengracht, near the De Brouckère square downtown), so no connection with Greece!

Wheat flour - milk - sourdough - butter - pearled sugar - yeast - brown sugar - sel de Guérande - cinnamon

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Kiekebich is on holiday

I’m currently on vacation somewhere in Corsica, having some family time & some rest.

Back to bake for you on Tuesday August 20 (orders open on Wednesday August 14, 9pm)