Black bread with roasted seeds and dark beer

This week’s Inspiration is really special to me. I love this bread! It’s a recipe I learned from Dimitri from Hopla Geiss bakery in St Gilles (I would definitely advise to taste his breads too!), one of the people I learned the craft from. He got the inspiration from somewhere in Scandinavia. It’s got roasted seeds in it, beer, rye flower, wheat flour…

Wheat and rye flour - water - sourdough - roasted seeds (black sesame, pumpkin, sunflower) - dark beer - malt syrup - sel de Guérande - yeast

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Weight 400 g


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Kiekebich is on holiday

I’m currently on vacation somewhere in Corsica, having some family time & some rest.

Back to bake for you on Tuesday August 20 (orders open on Wednesday August 14, 9pm)