I propose three types of Canistrelli: natural, with lemon zest, and with almonds. Canistrelli are a typical dry biscuit from Corsica that exists since the Middle Ages. They come in a wide variety of different flavors (sweet or savory), sizes and shapes. Traditionally they were made by the Corsican shepherds to take on their long walks in the mountains. They are really dry and therefore can be kept very long if kept dry. I’ve been eating them since childhood every time I’m in Corsica, I love them! This recipe is inspired by Lucien Straboni’s, he’s my friend in Corsica and has his bakery in Sisco.


Wheat flour - olive oil - white wine - cane sugar - home-made vanilla sugar - baking powder (according to flavor: lemon zest, almonds)

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Weight 200 g