Our Creations

These are our babies, get to know them


This is our basic bread!
Available in two sizes, suited for daily consumption, we make it at every bake. It’s a well baked loaf of bread with a crunchy crust and a slightly pale grey airy crumb.


This “bread of the week” is a creation or an interpretation to get familiar with different varieties of flours, other ingredients, flavors and techniques that are blended to create surprisingly interesting and different sorts of bread. Perfect to satisfy your feel for variation. Combinations are endless…


Biscuits, cookies, a cake, a pie, a patisserie, some granola, you name it, it could be anything as long as it’s sweet… These interpretations of classic recipes are ment to revive childhood memories, they are ment to make you enjoy a moment of guilty pleasure with good natural ingredients …and pump up your insuline level! Something different every week.


Something different, sweet or savory, just because it’s good to be inspired.

Some of our previous weeks’ creations